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The search option will allow you to view or download the music for any of Duncan's songs by title and will open in a separate tab. The file format of the music is Adobe PDF.

Song Books

First we have an audio section on the right hand side of the page for you to listen to Duncan's songs split in to different categories, we have BalladsLatin,  Swing, Christmas and Demos. The first 4 are recorded songs mainly from Songbooks 1 and 2 and the Demos are rough cuts of new songs. Each section will open the audio in a new tab so when you are finished close that tab to return to this website.

The interviews button will take you to 4 videos of Duncan talking about writing 4 songs and each song is performed by Sarah Moule. There is also BBC a radio interview with Duncan talking about songs, writing and his life.

Also on this page is a link to the music books these songs come from, you can view them or download them free just click the books link and you will have the list of contents followed by the download or view button plus buttons guiding you to the next books in the series.

The 'Buy Now' button will take you to a page where there will be links to the albums these songs come from, if you have enjoyed them then please support these wonderful artists by buying their work. The quality of sound on their CDs will be much better and you will be supporting fellow singers, song writers and musicians which is essential for the future of quality music. If you purchase your music via iTunes or Google Play etc. then check the name of the albums and order in your usual way. Many thanks!


View or download song books

Please click the button below to view or download any of Duncan's music books. For each book you will see the song list. The books are in PDF format so you can choose to print individual pages or the whole book.

Please note all songs are copyrighted to Duncan Lamont and registered with the P.R.S. unless otherwise stated. 

Please use the contact form if you have any musical queries regarding the songs.


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