Small ensembles

Here are a selection of small ensemble arrangements for Duncan's songs. The lead can be vocals or soloist. They will be displayed as PDF files unless you install the Scorch plugin which will allow you to hear and transpose the parts. This plug in is only available for Apple iPad or iPhone users from the App store. These scores are only available from

Trombone Giants

A Suite written and arranged by Duncan for 4 trombones tracking the way the way the approach to the trombone has changed over the years. Each track is named after the musicians who brought so much change in the approach to the instrument. All trombones played by Greg Nielsen.

Track List.

1. Kid Ory

2. Jack Teagarden

3. Tricky Sam

4. Tommy Dorsey

5. Bill Harris

6. Kai and J.J.

7. Frank Rosalino

8.Bob Brookmeyer

9. Albert Manglesdorf

10.Bill Watrous and Carl Fontana.